Monday, February 24, 2014

Leather and Sneakers

Fridays Outfit Details, Simple, Casual, and comfy! I was running errands (normally I'm in my workout clothes for that) and I just wanted to run around in style and comfort. 

Here are the details…

Leggings by Lulu Lemon. I ALWAYS wear their leggings. I tuck them in my sneakers, in my boots, or just wear them with sneakers. They are super thick and hold everything in. Not to mention extremely comfortable. This pair cost $98, but honestly, worth every penny. 

This jacket is by Lucky Brand. The same one from my previous posts. Got it on sale for $80 and worth every penny. 

My dog, Max, trying to get in the shot 

Without the jacket, wearing an H&M crew neck tee. Got it for $5.00. They have them in tons of colors. 

Jewelry by your truly, Trendy Mendy. 

Bag by Celine and shoes by NIKE! Love these shoes. Got them from Bloomingdales for $130. They were too nice to pass up. 

My dog posing for the camera. 

Again, Max thinks this post is about him! He was too cute to leave him out of this post. 

Thin pave bangles and double stack ring in silver by Trendy Mendy. Cute, trendy, and comfortable to wear. 

My FAVORITE bangle by Trendy Mendy. I wear this all the time. 

Trying to pose for the camera. :) Silver-plated hoops by Trendy Mendy. Light weight and so comfortable. Sunglasses by Chanel (again, one of my favorite pairs). Another alternate to the sunglasses is Ray Ban, its the same shape, and less expensive. 

Don't know if this picture is clear enough, but I was trying to show the detail of the hoops, that work great for me. I can't wear heaving earrings without the weight of the earrings pulling on my ear lobes. I have that problem, and find it to be very uncomfortable. I love these (aside from the fact that they are silver plated) because they are light and don't pull my earlobes down. 

Sneakers, glasses, and bag without my little munchkin in the pic. 

Hope you liked this. And hope everyone has an amazing day. 

Always remember, there is no expiration date when it comes to confidence.... and confidence NEVER goes out of style. How up-to-date are you?

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous
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