Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yellow Blazer Tuesdays

Hope everyone is having a great week. 

Today, my work look was simple, and comfortable. I love comfortable! 

Jeans and top from H&M. These are the same jeans I wore in a previous post. They are 9.95 and today I rolled them up to give them a cropped look. The shirt is also from H&M and it was only 5.00. This jacket from Zara purchased at their sale, for 20.00 (man do I love a great deal).

Shoes by Mr. Louboutin, the Vendomes (Seriously, one of my favorites)

Ring by Trendy Mendy

Absolutely loving these fabulous Trendy Mendy Studs. 

And studded bracelets by Trendy Mendy (www.TrendyMendy.com)

And there you have it! (I was trying get artistic with this last shot ;)

Hope you enjoyed!

Always remember, there is no expiration date when it comes to confidence.... and confidence NEVER goes out of style. How up-to-date are you?

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous
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