Thursday, April 11, 2013

Working it at Work

The birds begin to chant and chirp. There is a beautiful breeze that flows through the trees and makes them dance. The flowers have bloomed and the sun begins to rise. We feel so peaceful and serene. And then we hear it: BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP as you keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock over and over again.  All your thinking about at this point is to shoo those birds away and close the blinds! It's a beautiful Monday morning.... and oh how we dread this day. 

We've become work-a-robots and have fallen into this routine of having to wake up early, figure out what to wear, to avoid as much traffic as possible to get there on time, to make sure we take an hour lunch break on time, leave work, and again, avoid some more traffic on our way home. We do this five times a week, and by the time Friday rolls around, we count every last minute for the clock to hit 5:00 pm (for some reason this feels like eternity), and its weekend time! Then, without even realizing it, the time somehow flies us by, its Monday morning and we repeat this process over again! (Big Sigh)
We do what we have to do to stay on top of our hectic schedules and survive in this chaotic world, period. So today my focus fall on not just doing what we have to do to "survive", but to look and feel fabulous as we're doing it. Lets face it, if we aren't looking and feeling good throughout the day, especially at work, we end up feeling very "Blah". And who has time that? Not me... Here are some of my  fashion "to-do's" and "to-denfintely-don'ts" when it comes to looking and feeling fabulous (and appropriate) at work! 

AN "A" FOR EFFORT AND AN "A" FOR ATTITUDE. Who says you shouldn't look and feel good at work? DO NOT wake up with the mind set that you're "just going to work", and that you're going to throw on the first thing you see in your closet", and think "oh, I'll just  put some lipgloss on in the car". I'm all about taking care of yourself from the inside out. Make sure your nails are done, and your make-up is in tack. Believe it or not, it only takes minutes out of your day. Another great thing to do is to set your outfit out from the night before. Put everything together, from the clothes you're going to wear the next day, to the shoes and accessories you're going to pair with it. It will save you a ton of time in the morning and will leave you with more time to pamper your fabulous self. Trust me! This is something I've have done, continue to do, and stand behind 100%. You have to feel good  in everything your wear. Feeling good REALLY sets the tone for your work day. You'll walk around with a lot more confidence. You'll feel such a positive attitude throughout the day which, in turn, will rub off on others and make your work environment fun and stress-free. Things will feel like they flow so effortlessly, and you will  look and feel "gone with the wind fabulous, gone with the wind fabulous"... now twirl, twirl, and twirl fabulous. (Sing it Girl!) 

SUZIE WORE WHAT? Lets be realistic here... we all have that one person who wears her skirt just a little too short, or wears that really sheer H&M blouse with nothing on underneath. Yikes! That might be fine and dandy if we are out and about dancing the night away at the local nightclub, but its definitely not appropriate for the work place. My philosophy is to keep it simple. You want to make a statement, but not "that" kind of statement" if you catch my drift. Skirts shout be at knee-length and if you want to wear your sheer blouse, wear a camisole underneath it. Stick to your basics, Cropped pants, long dress pants, pencil skirts, button-down blouses, cardigans and super fly blazers. There are so many ways to take these "basic" pieces and wear them in a "not-so-basic" way. Here are some of my favorite pieces that are timeless, effortless and super fashionable.

Basic sweater, fold over cardigan and skinny pants. Timeless and effortless. Something you will always have 

Cropped pants. Totally in season. They flatter every figure. And are a great day to night piece. 

Basic pencil skirt (knee length of course) and basic black dress. Again, great pieces for work. Timeless, effortless, and very sexy. 

Your go-to blazers. I love blazers. (Check out my previous post about blazers). Definitely add the element of Chic to your outfit. Everything shown is courtesy of except or the black suede blazer which is from I love Zara, period. But they are especially great for work wear. I think the prices are reasonable and you get great quality. If you are on a budget,  H&M, forever21, and even target has great options, but might not be on key when it comes to quality. Blazers at H&M run you anywhere from $40-60, where at Zara, you pay about $70-$100. Make a budget for your work wear and stick to it. It definitely shouldn't cost you lots to look good. (,

TIS THE SEASON! With the seasons in full effect four times a year, we definitely get tempted to work what's in style at the moment. I say  "Do" work the different trends the fashion world has to offer, just know when to say no and when to stop. Right now, we're in my FAVORITE time of year, Spring, where everything is so colorful, bright and happy. All we see as we walk up and down the aisles of Walgreens are bright yellow bunnies with hot pink and neon green eggs stacked on every shelf from floor to ceiling. It only makes sense that some our favorite designers and clothing stores are using these bright, vibrant colors as the focal point for their new spring collections. I love it. We all  do. And there is nothing wrong with rocking some color in your wardrobe at work. Don't go overboard with the colors. Pick once piece you want to wear thats colorful and pair it with neutral colors. It adds just the right amount of "Spring" to your outfit. You end up looking very polished, fashionable, and appropriate for work. Hence my use of the term "appropriate". You never want to go "overboard" in a professional environment. Now, a night out on the town is a completely different story... You better do a double snap and sexy twirl in your new neon-yellow pumps girl. Show them whose boss. Here are some of my favorite pieces that will add just the right amount of color to your outfit and show that your "Spring Style" is in check.

Pops of color to spice up your life. Remember, if you chose to wear "a piece with color", make sure the rest of your outfit is more on the neutral side. Pops of color are nice, but wearing all yellow or all pink from head to toe is a bit much. All pieces (again) are from (yea I love the Z). 

ACCESSORIZE, PERIOD. Here, at, were are all about the accessories. Accessories narrate the story of your life and the looks you want to create. Accessories pull your look together. Like I said before, we are ALL ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES LIFE. But when it comes to your work, there are a few factors we would like for you to consider. Instead of wearing a ton of jewelry, DO pick one bold piece, and make that the focal point of your outfit. We love a great statement necklace or a fun cocktail ring because it can add so much character to your look. Its fun, neat, and sophisticated. DO NOT overdo it with the bracelets or dangly earrings. They can tend to look "sloppy" when you're in a professional environment, and sometimes even tend to create some unwanted to noise. You all know exactly what I'm talking about... it's the girl who is sitting in the cubicle next to you wearing 100 bangles on her hand jingling away as she types up emails and keeps flipping her hair from the left to right. You are going crazy and I know you just want to take those bangles off her hand and throw them out the window. We've all been in this situation and know it's quite sloppy. Always remember that we want to "rock our accessories" right and not "rock-out" with them at work. So stick to your one "statement" piece for a clean, polished look at work and avoid the "unwanted attention". Here are some of my favorites accessories to wear at work (From Trendy Mendy of Course):

Look 1: A statement necklace with your basic back skirt and white shirt. In this case, I would pair it with some colorful pumps. It adds just the right amount of color. Skirt from, necklace from and Christian Louboutin shoes from

Look 2: Chain necklace by, clothes by Zara and shoes by Christian Louboutin from

Look 3: Necklace by Trendy Mendy ( and dress and blazer by Zara. 

Look 4: Bracelets (Which are FABULOUS) and ring (will be available for purchase next week) by Trendy Mendy ( and this absolutely chic casual outfit by Zara. 

Look 5: My favorite look. This is my style. Cropped skinnies, white flowy shirt and blazer. So chic, professional, and trendy. I've paired it with my FAVORITE Trendy Mendy spike necklace (available next week) and our simple studs in white.

Hope my insight helped, and you enjoyed this blog. I would love to hear feedback from you guys, and video tutorials are coming soon! P.S. Visit our site and enter code TMBLOG to get 30% off of your purchase.

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous! 
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