Thursday, April 11, 2013

Au Natural...

We all love the song "cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.... ooh baby i like it..." you know the rest. Rhianna is my girl. But come on, I don't think she means that we should look like "cake cake cake cake cake cake.." Whether its piling on the coverup and foundation... fakes lashes, hot pink blush, blue eyeshadow... whatever it is, the best way to look during the day should be natural. You can wear your make-up, look fabulous, and feel good in it as well (without looking like a clown).

Here are truly some of my favorite make-up products that I like to use everyday. They're simple, easy to use, and make such a difference on your face. Follow these quick and easy steps and you will be looking fabulous in minutes (the entire process should take you ten minutes or less).

Step 1: Apply your "Foundation"

I do not like to wear thick cover-up's or foundation to work or during the day for that matter. I may not be a doctor, but I don't think its good for your skin and ends up looking sloppy. Picture this... foundation residue on your cell phone, on the office phone, dripping off of your cheek. Yuck. 
For me, my go-to everyday product is the infamous BB cream. I've tried many out there, and my biggest issue is that 'after-smell' it leaves on your face. You wear some of them, and they end up having a weird smell that doesn't feel refreshing. I like the Garnier BB cream (which runs you anywhere from $10-$14 dollars). It works well and if you're on a budget, this is the one to go with. I must say, hands down, my absolute favorite is the Dior BB cream. It's insane. I am very picky with my make-up and face products. I have very sensitive skin and very dry skin. I've tried every product in Walgreens and in in Neimans and Saks. It costs $45, but is definitely worth every penny. (I've gotten 8 people converted to it and counting - yes, I've started a "Dior-BB-Cream-Cult). It makes your skin feel soft and moisturized. It covers up any imperfections you may have without making your skin look "cakey". You won't feel like you have anything on. Best of all its quick and easy to apply. (Garnier BB cream is available at or any local drug store and the Dior BB cream is available at or most major department stores).  

Step 2: Eye Prep

The magic wands shown above are my crack and cocaine in life. I'm persian. If you're persian or know a persian girl, you know that we have an obsession with our eye-brows. Yea, I said it. If you (my fellow persians) want to act like you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're in denial. I don't have the typical thick persian eye-brows I was supposed to have. Which happen to be very desired. Instead my eyebrows are actually thin and I have a little patch of hair missing on the top of my right eyebrow. Leaving me no choice but to color it in. Oh the problems we have to deal with in life. I cannot stand eyebrow pencils because 99.9% of people (including myself) do not know how to use them. Pencils make your eyebrows look clown-like and tend to make you fill in the wrong shape. Not cool. "Unless your a pro, ditch the pencils and just let go."(Don't know why I had to put a little Rhyme in there) Before the Anastasia brow pen was invented, I used to fill my brows in with mac eyeshadow... which I still do at times. But this brow pen, which comes in two colors, is the bomb! It goes on wet, but dries like a powder. Your eyebrows become filled in and yet don't have that fake, drawn in look. It literally takes seconds to draw them in and if your going out at night and want to go thicker, you can use this pen to outline your brows and fill your brows in with eyeshadow. So goto Sephora and try it out! The Benefit High Brow pen is a must. Its crayon like, and you apply it like eyeshadow under your brows. Use your fingers to blend it in, and it instantly opens up your eyes, makes them look fresh, and makes them pop. I also like to use it on the inside corner of my eyes. It makes your eyes look bigger, and adds exactly what you need without having to sit there and spend your time putting eyeshadow on. Both are available at

Step 3: Eyeliner and Mascara

I have sensitive eyes. Sensitive skin, sensitive eyes, sensitive sally. Even if you don't have sensitive eyes, the Chanel eyeliner (for the inside your eyes) is the best eyeliner on the Market. Name a brand, and I have tried it. Over 50 plus eyeliners. When drawing liner inside your eyes, 90% of them tend to bleed down, making your eyes look smudgy and messy (as if you've just gotten into a fight with your man, and you've been crying like crazy). This particular liner does not do that. It will cost you $27 dollars. I figure its not bad considering most of the drug store ones are more than half its size, and cost you around $8. It comes with a sharpener and its pretty long, so it will last you quite a while. They have lots of fun colors to choose from, my favorite ones are Marine (which has a nice blueness to it) and Noir (which is jet black). The Collasal volume mascara is my favorite mascara. It will cost you $7 (maybe less) and works wonders. I've been using it for years, and get compliments all the time on how my lashes look long and thick. And my lashes are not long or thick. Great mascara and great price. I get my Chanel liner from (which has a great rewards program, where you can earn triple points on your makeup purchases) and the mascara from or any local drug store. 

Step 4: Finish you look

I love all mac eyeshadows and blushes. They're great, affordable, and in my opinion, last you a good amount of time. (Not to mention, make sure you save their containers and recycle them at the actual store. For every 6 containers you bring to them, you can chose a FREE eyeshadow, a FREE lipstick or a FREE lipgloss). A great blush color that looks amazing on ALL skin colors is Gingerly. One of my faves! Lightly brush it on for a natural look, and add a little more for some drama. The soleil tan de Chanel, is a skin highlighter. It's one of my recent purchases, and I absolutely adore it. I dab some on my cheek bones and it instantly highlights my face. Sometimes, I use it as my blush for a more natural look. Last, add some color to your pout with the Tarte matte lipstick. I like this particular one because, I can put a nude gloss base on my lips, and top it off with this, and it adds a touch of color. Or, You can wear this from the beginning for some red stamens lips. Its very versatile. (I get my Mac and Chanel products form and the Tarte lipstick from

Remember, these are products I use during the day. Nighttime make-up is a completely different story. More blogs and tutorials to come soon! Hope you enjoyed.

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous!
Written with Love by Trendy Mendy

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