Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fringe Guide - Jackets & Vests

Fringe is definitely "in" this season.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I've really been obsessing over ANYTHING fringe lately. Wearing a little fringe with your outfit, really makes it fun fun and exciting! 

Here are some of my favorite jackets and vests at EVERY price range. 

A gorgeous Balmain Fringe Biker Jacket
Price: $5,730

Gucci Leather Fringe Jacket
Prive: $4,140

SW3 Bespoke Fringe Jacket
Price: $298

La Marque Fringe Vest
Price: $250

Same La Marque Fringe Vest as above in Tan

Sam Edelman Black Fringe Jacket 
Price: $94.99 (I like this Price!)

Sam Edelman Black Fringe Jacket 
Price: $114.99

Zara Fringe Jacket 
Price: $79.90

Zara Fringe Vest 
Price: $99.90

Forever 21 Suede Fringe Vest 
Price: $44.90

Hop this gives you some options when it comes to buying your next fringe jacket or vest!!!! 

Next Blog: Fringe Sandals (Can't wait to post this one!)

Stay Tuned!!!

Always remember, there is no expiration date when it comes to confidence.... and confidence NEVER goes out of style. How up-to-date are you?

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous
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