Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Coachella Diaries

Coachella… A time of year when girls (and guys) really express themselves through fashion.

Coachella… Where you become Creative and Artistic.

Coachella… Where the "IFD" (Inner Fashion Diva) comes out and you are ready to show your outfits off.

Coachella... Where trends are born.

Living here in Los Angeles for the past four years, I've noticed a bit of my inner Hipster emerge. It wasn't until last year, that I attended my very first Coachella festival. Crazy, right? I know… It's almost a condition and requirement for living in LA - 1) Buy tickets a year in advance (if you can get through on their site) or just Craig's list them right before, hoping you don't get scammed, and 2) Attend Coachella (Week 1, lol) every year.

I honestly didn't know what to expect the first time around.

I wasn't really sure what I was doing…especially when it came to putting outfits together.

I googled, and researched and asked tons of people… and I never really got a grip on the whole "Coachella" thing.

"Wear comfortable shoes" they said, and "dress cute". What does that even mean?

So I packed about four bags of clothes, and shoes and accessories…. and somehow managed to come up with something "decent" to wear - which was so so.

The purpose these series of blogs (The Coachella Diaries) will be to give you tips on attending "chella", whether it's your first time or hundredth time - from my standpoint.

From tips on your shoes, clothes, accessories and outfits.

Here are some of my pics from last year…. hope you enjoy. I know I had a blast!

Pic of the Ferris Wheel (taken by moi)

Pic taken while on the ferris wheel (And, yes, I rode it!)

On the way to Coachella Wearing my Trendy Mendy Glasses and Love Necklace 

Group pic, Day 2

Can't see the haters when I have my LOVE glasses on (VIP - Sahara Tent)

With my friend, Dana, wearing my favorite Trendy Mendy Hoops, and Dana Rocking a Trendy Mendy necklace (www.TrendyMendy.com)

Stay Tuned for some of my Coachella Tips in the next few blogs! 

Always remember, there is no expiration date when it comes to confidence.... and confidence NEVER goes out of style. How up-to-date are you?

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous
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