Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bloomingdales vs Forever 21

Today's blog is one I have been meaning to write for a while now. I feel that in life, people "Assume" to many things. As I have mentioned before, I have a true love for fashion, my style is all of the above, from chic to classy to trendy and safe. I love name brands and for me to list the ones I love, would take forever. With that said, I am also the girl who walks into Walmart or Target, and acts as if I am walking into Bloomingdales. I try on all the clothes and flaunt and wear my $10 Walmart top as much as I will flaunt and wear my $248 Joie top. Today my focus and thoughts fall on comparing high end retailers to the "affordable" ones like Forever 21 or H&M.
I often get asked by people where I got my top from, or shorts or shoes. I'll mention Bloomingdales or Saks or Neimans,  and the reaction is funny. People look disappointed. I assume the first thought that runs through their head is "oh, I can't afford that." Or, "that must have been expensive." Or, "she must have paid an arm and a leg and a kidney for that". 

Not true. At all. Let me bring a few things to your attention. There is nothing that gives me more of a high than to buy something on sale. Especially name brand things. Knowing I got something for pennies on the dollar, lets just say, brings me JOY! With that said, I am not saying EVERYTHING I always buy is on sale. There are many times I spend $200 on a top or $400 on a dress because I can afford to. If I can avoid that, and get things on sale, I will. Always remember to stick to what you can afford. Impress yourself before you try to impress others. 

I used to be a hard core Forever 21 shop-a-holic back in the day, when they weren't as big as they are now. The quality of their clothes was great and their prices were amazing. I still own pieces in my closet from Forever 21 that I bought over ten years ago and I still wear and flaunt today. 

As of now, if you ask me, I am not a big fan of theirs. I can't seem to understand why people are either. I feel like the quality of their clothes has gone down big time, and their prices have inflated, tremendously. Back then, I would walk into Forever 21, pick up 7 or 8 pieces and my total would be less than an hundred dollars. Now you walk in, pick up 2-3 pieces and your total is almost a hundred dollars. How is that such a bargain? Why would I spend that kind of money in forever 21? Why would I spend that, when I can walk into Bloomingdales on any given day (granted they have a sale going on) and get two high end, high-quality name brand pieces for the same price, if not less? 

Now this is where I get to the Bloomingdales part of my blog (or any other high-end retailer for that matter). One of my favorite retailers is Bloomingdales. (I can never get enough of the place, I shop there so much, they may as well hire me to work there or pay me to advertise for them.)

People ASSUME its sooooo expensive and not affordable, they stay away from places like Bloomies and go through life never knowing what they are really missing out on. Seriously. 

They ALWAYS have sales. Where merchandise is marked down, and then you get an additional fifty percent off of that price. And I have this loyalist card with them (which not all retailers do),  where every time you shop, you get points. 5000 points gets you a $25 gift card and they have promotions where you can get 2500 points per $100 you spend. Believe me, these points add up, and before you know it, you have $25 gift cards to use there. 

Now lets talk about Saks, Neimans and Nordstroms. All of these retailers have outlet stores. Saks has Off Fifth, Neimans has Last  Call and Nordstrom has The Rack. All of which are amazing and special in their own way. They end up having major sales, which makes for even more of a bargain. I have had most of my luck at Saks Off Fifth. Other places are TJ Max, which sell so many name brands, or Loehmans, which has great sales. 

I'm not telling you this because I want you to drop everything you're doing and go live at Bloomingdales. I just want to open peoples eyes to the misconception that Forever 21 is the only place to shop to get things at cheap prices. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash forever 21. It's great for very trendy pieces that you want to rock and wear a few times and donate. Or simple tank tops and shirts you want to buy for $10. But the way I look at things, is if I can spend $10 more and get something that has a much better quality, why wouldn't I do that? 

The point of this blog is not to tell you to stop shopping at forever 21, but to show you that you can be a smart shopper and find awesome deals at high end retailers as well. My next post will be pictures of some of the bargains I snatched up recently. :) 

At the end of the day, the MOST important thing is how you feel from within. Because if you don't feel good from the inside, chances are you won't look good on the outside. 

Here is a poem I wrote to always keep your confidence pumped! And yes, I wrote EVERY word to this poem - as I always used to win poetry competitions in elementary and junior high. This is a poem I posted in my previous blog and I have decided to end each of my new blogs with this "RAP" to motivate and inspire YOU to always be confident:

Trendy Mendy's Confidence Rap

What's Fashion and Style really about? 
Not what you wear or or the clothes you pick out.

It's not the amount of makeup you wear,
Or the way you color and style your hair.

It's not about the brands you buy,
or How you dress to impress "that guy". 

Its not what they write in these magazines,
That say "Wear this and that to feel like a Queen".

Its not about the latest nail trend,
Or what to buy and how much you spend

Its not about the "new colors for fall"
Or the heels you wear that make you feel tall

Because Honey, that is not fashion at all.

I'll tell you what I think fashion is,
Fashion is what you feel from within.

Fashion is YOUR confidence and Attitude.
Being grateful and showing your gratitude. 

Boost your confidence. Have positive thoughts.
Think style is my attitude, not what I just bought. 

So When you wake up to start your day, 
Look in the mirror, get ready to say:

"Hey they beautiful, you're looking real fine."
"Fizzy hair, no makeup and the crust on your eyes."

"You're one sexy lady and so fabulous girl."
Take a good look at yourself and do a few twirls. 

So stop putting yourself down all the time.
Have tons of confidence and empower your mind.

And then what you wear will only reflect,
The important things you tend to neglect. 

Think positive. Be Confident. Eliminate your blues.
You wear your clothes, they're not wearing you. 

Always remember, there is no expiration date when it comes to confidence.... and confidence NEVER goes out of style. How up-to-date are you?

Rock it, Rock it Right, and Stay Fabulous
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